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Hunting on Marrick is an exciting experience – both as rifle or bow hunter

Marrick Safari is located in the Northern Cape Province, about 1 hour flight southwest from Johannesburg or about 500 km. by car. We have 3.000 hectares of unspoiled nature with a unique ecosystem, which is totally free of human interference.

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Hunting at Marrick

3.000 hectares of unspoiled nature –
Experience the bush free from human interference.

Sunsets on Marrick are fantastic and must be experienced. There is nothing more relaxing on a warm day in the bush, then sitting with a cold drink by the lake and watching a completely fantastic sunset. Combined with the springbok, wildebeest, giraffes and night animals that are beginning to emerge from their hiding.

Hunting on Marrick is an exciting experience, and can be experienced both as rifle- or bow hunting. Most of the time the hunting takes place as pürchhunting but can also take place from hiding. It is possible to go hunting 1:1, hunter and stalker or 2:1, 2 hunters and stalker. Marrick’s area is 3.000 hectare and is therefore one of the biggest farms in the area, in addition, we also have access to part of our neighbours land.

The hunting often takes place in the morning, we start at 06:00 am, and go until lunch depending on how the hunt goes. During the morning there will be time for a nice break together with the stalker, we get a sandwich, some coffee, juice and fruit. After lunch, which like most days takes place in nice surroundings on the farm, we return to the hunt and continue for as long as you wish or until sundown.

Marrick offers you the opportunity to rent a weapon and avoid the problems associated with registration, entry and exit. You have the opportunity to rent calibres from 243 to 30.06., But if you feel safer with a bigger calibre then we can also find a 338 magnum.

On Marrick there is a professional shooting range with the opportunity to shoot from a distance of 50-350 meters. The range is approved by the South African authorities who are responsible for the ongoing control of the range. The range is the only one of its kind in the Northern Cape and is therefore used by all hunting associations and many private individuals in this part of the country. The track is also for clay pigeon shooting during periods of the years. We have a skilled shooting instructor who makes sure that you get a perfectly inserted rifle that ensures the best possible starting point for a fantastic experience.

On Marrick Safari we have many different kinds of animals, however there are no cat animals, but you can get the adrenaline going if you get to stand face to face with a 1.200 kg buffalo, which is certainly not safe. But otherwise it is amazing to experience all species in their proper element.

Have a look at all the wild game at Marrick Safari

Accommodation at Marrick Safari

Accommodation at Marrick

On Marrick there are several options for staying depending on how many people you are, or what your wishes are. In some places it is possible to cook for yourself, if that is what you wish for. Otherwise, the stay is usually intended for a full pension.

Country Cottage

Country Cottage

Here you can accommodate eight people in bunk and single beds.

Hunter’s Cottage

Four single beds spread over two rooms – max. four-person capacity.

Impala Cottage

The large cottage can accommodate 18 overnight guests. Among other things you will also have your own barbeque place.

Facilities at Marrick

On Marrick Safari there is various available facilities that you can take advantage of

The pool is open all year around, the only thing you have to do is check the water temperature before jumping in.

You can freely visit the small shop and see if there is anything that can tempt you. The prices there are very reasonable,

If you are more into weapons and ammunition, then you can visit the small gun shop, however, it is only possible when Trevor is present, due to safety regulations.

If you are considering putting on a family party, conference for your workplace or company outside the Danish border, we have really good facilities for hosting parties and conferences, and we can offer you and your participants a unique experience on the farm.

On Marrick you can lie by the pool in peace and quiet and enjoy the sun, while the employees make sure you are serviced with coffee, water or whatever you want. The pool is located in connection with the new conference facilities and close to the bar, and there is also a smaller lawn, and a pool table where you can unfold your sporting talents.

On Marrick safari there is a small shop where you can buy various souvenirs like caps, shirts, pants, vests and other items that show you have been to marrick safari. You can come and go to the store as you like, and here you can also have a nice chat with the administrative employees. 

Marrick also has a small weapons store where it is possible to buy various ammunition, weapons, etc.,( require a police permit ), and as a small niche, Marrick also has a small selection of equipment for bow hunting. This is a small business, yet it's very interesting. If you want to do bigger shopping like clothes and boots, there are two large modern outdoor-life shops in the Kimberley. Compared to Denmark the prices are often about 30-50% cheaper for the exact same product. 

At Marrick Safari there are good opportunities to hold conferences. In 2014 the conference rooms were finished. Kimberley municipality is one of the great customers when it comes to conferences, but conferences are also organised by private companies from home and abroad. So if you and your company are thinking of a very special experience when you are hosting the next international conference, Marrick will be able to offer you a unique experience with a high level of service, and with plenty of opportunities for leisure activities. If you want to make the most use of outdoor life, then we recommend that you hold the conference in between October and April. The conference rooms include a bar, swimming pool, pool room and a barbeque.

At Marrick there is internet access, that way you have the opportunity to get on the internet and check emails. However we do recommend that you don't spend your time at Marrick, on the internet, because here it is about relaxing, enjoying the peaceful, the hunting, the catering and certainly not least the unspoilt African nature.

Activities and experiences

Activities and experiences
both on and around Marrick

On Marrick Safari you will find experiences for every taste. Here are experiences for those who want speed and excitement, but also for those who want more tranquil experiences in the fantastic nature.





Discover Kimberley
both on land, at sea or in the Air

There are a decent amount of activities in Kimberley. Below is a full selection of fun activities you can try during your visit.

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Visitor’s tales

““Then finally on a beautiful and sunny morning in March 06:15 am, a small crowd of mountain reedbuck. We followed them but had big problems because the wind kept changing between the small rocky hills…”




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